If you love scary and anything paranormal, this is right up your alley.

You're part of a detective team entering the asylum in Orange, CT to investigate the disappearance of six paranormal investigators. You're trying to locate the doctor who you and your colleagues think may be responsible for their disappearance.

Welcome to The Asylum at Fairfield Hills, a new room at Escape Rooms Connecticut in Orange, which is modeled after the Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital in Newtown.

Many stories have been written about Fairfield Hills, which opened in 1931 and closed its doors in 1995. The facility was made up of 16 buildings, all connected by underground tunnels. It's been said that those tunnels led to confinement rooms, psychosurgery laboratories, operating rooms, and even a morgue.

At its peak, this psychiatric hospital housed approximately 4,000 patients. The question is, how many of those stories were actually true? If you enjoy the paranormal and love being scared, you may be ready to enter the new escape room, The Asylum at Fairfield Hills in Orange.


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Photo Courtesy of 'Escape Rooms Connecticut'
Photo Courtesy of 'Escape Rooms Connecticut'

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