New England continues into the winter to be a vacation haven for so many, and a  winter playground for those of us who love living with four seasons of fun.

Did you know there's a little town on the border of New Hampshire and Vermont that's home to the longest skating trail in the United States? It will be back in full glory this winter, with over four miles of pristine, beautiful skating for any level. They even have night skating if you're up for it on the glowing ice.

Lake Morey Resort via Facebook
Lake Morey Resort via Facebook

The best part is that it's free.

According to the Lake Morey Skate Trail at Lake Morey Resort, the 4.3 miles of this well-maintained ice trail loops the shores of beautiful Lake Morey in Fairlee, Vermont, with panoramic views and fresh air. Some folks have seen the occasional bald eagle.

The quaint hamlet of Fairlee is around 3 hours directly north of Hartford where you can rent skates and accessories right there at the Fairlee Town Beach if you don't have your own skates. Lake Morey Skate Trail says that there are trailheads for skaters to jump on and start this magnificent adventure wherever you want.

According to Lake Morey Resort, there's an impressive amount of volunteers and organizations that help preserve the beauty and serenity that everyone enjoys around the lake. According to the resort, it's usually skate-ready by mid-January.

This clearly isn't just a winter destination, but as you can imagine, Lake Morey is a dazzling summer destination for boating and swimming as well with well-maintained trails throughout the hillsides surrounding the lake and discover waterfalls and birds of prey on your own or with guided tours.

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