There’s a new strain of dog flu that’s been moving eastward and is now in our area. Veterinarians in New York State are warning dog owners to watch for the symptoms of the flu which could seriously sicken your pet.

Your dog is especially at risk if they’ve shared water bowls at places that board dogs, or at a doggy day care center according to the Southwest Dutchess Daily Voice. Hundreds of dogs have become sickened by the virus nationwide, which is known as the H3N2 virus. Many of those cases were reported in early 2018.

The virus was identified in the western region of the country, and as it continues to spread, it’s now in the east. Since the first report of it on the east coast, more than three dozen cases of the dog flu have been reported in New York. Authorities say if dogs affected by it are left untreated, it could be fatal. There is a vaccine for it which is available at your veterinarian’s office.

Here's what you want to be on the look out for: If your pet has lethargy, loss of appetite and/or coughing. If you catch the virus early, the chances of recovery are much greater, but it may be several days before you notice the symptoms of the virus.

People can’t become ill from this flu strain, but thay can carry it and pass it on to their pets. If in doubt it's worth a visit to the vet.

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