The Great Naugatuck Valley Supermarket Switcheroo is underway in Ansonia/Derby this week. As the saying goes, as one door closes, another opens, and that's the case as the Ansonia Big Y relocation project comes to a close this Thursday when the Derby Big Y opens it's doors.

The new Derby Big Y is located where the long-vacant former Wal-Mart building was in the Derby Plaza at 656 New Haven Road.

Big Y is one of the largest independently owned supermarket chains in New England. I've been shopping at the Naugatuck Big Y since it opened. It's my personal favorite. I find their prices to be about average, or a little bit higher than Stop & Shop, but they don't have Stop & Shop's variety. I think that Big Y definitely has better quality goods and slightly higher prices than Shop Rite.

Where I think that Big Y shines though is their specialty departments, especially seafood, meats, produce and bakery. Their variety of fresh seafood is unmatched, and I adore that they have Prime rated steaks always available for purchase.

I hope that all of the former Ansonia Big Y employees that wanted to make the transition over to the new Derby store were able to.

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