WOW...This looks horrible!

If you spend any time driving in and around the Hudson Valley, at one time or another you've probably come across the local highway department painting the lines and stripes on the roads. Most departments do the re-striping during the overnight hours so that most of us will never have happen to them, what happened to my neighbor the other night.

As I was loading my truck up with my DJ equipment getting ready for a big Tuesday night at Billy Joe's in Newburgh, I noticed that the car sitting next to my truck had white paint all over the tires. At first, I wasn't sure what happened and as I was looking, my neighbor, who asked me to not name him because he's embarrassed...LOL, walked over to explain.

He told me he was on his way home last night and while he was driving on the Palisades Parkway, the road crew was painting the lines on the road. They had signs warning drivers everywhere, the signs said stuff like "Wet Paint" and CAUTION "Striping Ahead". I know anytime I see those types of signs I start to get driving anxiety. I never want to hit the wet paint because as you'll see below, it's NOT A GOOD THING!!

He continued to tell me that he thought he made it through the painting area unscathed...that was until he got home!

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