If you live here in Western Connecticut and the Naugatuck Valley, when you're thinking about grabbing a bite, going out and having some fun, shop a few cool stores and walk around, do you think about Naugatuck? Yeah, me either.

Danbury, Waterbury, New Milford, Southbury, Woodbury, Middlebury, Ansonia even, these cities and towns have diverse restaurants, bars and brew pubs that you want to meet your friends at. There are sparks of that in Naugatuck, and there is so much potential, but it's just not cohesive enough?

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Naugatuck Is Two Entrepreneurs Away From Greatness

Naugatuck has so much potential, what's it going to take to bring it to that next level?

So, that leaves us here again. What is it going to take for Naugatuck to achieve that aura that attracts investors? Are the commercial real estate prices and available space inadequate? Are the zoning regulations just strict enough to make potential businesses shy away?

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