The school superintendent who was caught pooping on a rival high school's track says his life is now in the crapper thanks to local police.

Thomas Tramaglini was arrested in April after police say they caught him in the act on video surveillance. A manhunt had been underway for the mystery pooper after piles of feces were found on a daily basis at the track at Holmdel High School.

Now, Tramaglini is suing the police because he says that his life has been ruined by a posted mug shot. According to Fox News, a picture of Tramaglini was posted on the Holmdel Police Department's Facebook page which he claims has ruined his life. Tramaglini's attorney sent a letter to the state Attorney General, indicating that the publishing of the photo was intended to create a media spectacle and to shame his client.

The letter goes on to claim that it is illegal for police to take mug shots and release them to the public for minor offenses, like the one that Tramaglini was arrested for. The ex-superintendent intends to file a $1 million lawsuit against the police.

During a search, it appears as though the mug shot has been wiped from the Holmdel Police Department's page.

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