Like many fans, I was disappointed to learn that Nick Cannon's leaving America's Got Talent.  He's hosted since 2009 which was the fourth season. The first host was Regis Philbin, the second was Jerry Springer, then Nick Cannon took the position. Nick in my opinion is by far the funniest and most entertaining in the spotlight to date.

I thought it was gonna be tough to fill Nick's shoes, but as the search for a new host is in full swing, we come to find out that my old friend, Marlon Wayans is on a short list of names being considered to fill the post. Marlon is one of the stars of one of my all-time fave movies, White Chicks. It's a go-to movie for me whenever i need a laugh.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.51.49 AM

I've interviewed him twice over the years, and he is one super funny guy. My fingers are crossed for him to score the gig.

Of course the other star of the movie White Chicks is Marlon Wayans' brother Shawn. Getting to interview both brothers back in the day was a big item to check off my bucket list.

shawn wayans
Photo Credit: Suzy Garcia with Shawn Wayans

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