Kenny Chesney. Sigh.

It is no secret whatsoever that I am totally enamored with my Hillybilly Rockstar.

I endure many jabs from my co-workers, believe me. Since his height is documented as 5 feet 6 inches, I stand two inches taller. Save the jokes, my coworkers have them all covered. I hear them almost daily. I'll be minding my own business, listening to the latest Kenny song and from out of nowhere our Operations Director, Tim, will walk in and say, "Hey Linda, I heard the new Kenny song. It's really good, except why is so short?" or I'll be on the air playing a Kenny Chesney song and I get a text from Trevor, our Promotions Director. It's a picture of a tiny matchbox backhoe  with the words "Look! I found a picture of Kenny Chesney's tractor."

They can tease me all they want, I think they're just jealous. That does not stop me from being totally obsessed with my Tennessee man.

So, with that, since I am in charge of the music here at KICKS 105.5, Kenny Chesney's new song "Bar at the End of the World" makes its debut this week.

I hope that Tim, Trevor and anyone else who chimes in about the vertically challenged Country singer enjoys the song. I intend to find the extended version. (See what I did there?)

If you can't wait to hear it on the air, here is a youtube sampling, complete with lyrics:

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