A candlelight vigil was held last week at the conservative congregation of Bet Torah synagogue in Mount Kisco in support of the incarcerated temple employee, Armando Rojas.

According to ABC 7 NY TV News, Armando Rojas has spent decades working for the Jewish congregation, becoming a beloved member of the community. The synagogue custodian had migrated to the United States approximately 30 years ago and is undocumented.

Apparently, Armando was present when a fight broke out at a White Plains restaurant earlier this year. He was rounded up with others by police, but was completely cleared of any wrong doing. Following that incident, he was kept behind bars and swiftly deported to Mexico by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The federal authorities of ICE deported him without his family's knowledge and he was left in Mexico with no money, phone or ID. The temple's Rabbi went to Mexico to help bring him back to the US, where in short order, he was incarcerated by ICE once again and remains in custody in Albany, awaiting deportation.

The entire congregation is rallying to keep Mr. Rojas in the United States ,where his Wife and two sons are. They are US citizens and rely on him as father and pillar of the family, reports Slate.com.

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