I came across this story and thought I would share. It’s kind of a public service announcement, regarding what not to do at a public pool in front of other human beings or any pool, actually.

I showed Mr. Morning the video and here was his reaction:   

A woman at a hotel pool in Florida thought she would skip the shower, and use the pool water to shave her legs right there in plain sight, which seems to be a new offense which we've never seen before. It used to be my greatest complaint at the pool, or beach was the sight of a super tight, tiny mankini (a man’s bikini or speedo), but thanks to cell phone camera technology, we now have something that's even worse. Somebody captured this video, and it’s a learning experience, in fact, a lesson for all. Watch it and you'll notice she was even washing the razor off by swishing it around in the pool water right next to her kids or someone’s kids -- ewwwww!

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