Mr. Morning may seem like a great, fun-loving, carefree guy. But, let me tell you, he is intense. So much so, that we are constantly fighting about the air studio.

I know that it may seem as though I am complaining, but how would you feel if every time you are ready to go in and do your show, there he is, sitting there behind the controls? Is he dedicated? Yes. Is he working? Who knows what he is doing? Is he in my space? YES!

I have told him time and time again, he is "Mr. Morning". He is not "Mr. Midday" or "Mr. Afternoon". There are other places where he can prepare for his Mr. Morningness. You don't see Suzy hanging around getting in other people's spaces. UGH!

If you don't believe that he can be this annoying, take a look at what I go through every single day:

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