Motorists and CT State Police banded together to close down I-84 in Danbury.

According to the Danbury Daily Voice last Friday the 19th during rush hour on I-84, motorists noticed that a dog had been hit by a car but was still moving.

Several drivers reportedly sprung into action by carefully blocking traffic so K-9 officers could get to the injured beagle named Lupe. They successfully nudged Lupe into a dog carrier and was transported to Plumtrees Animal Hospital.

Lupe was reported missing the night before and has now been reunited with its owner. Luckily the beagle only had minor injuries. It was a true-to-life feel-good story with good samaritans, Danbury Animal Control, and the Connecticut State Police all working together to protect an injured animal.

Even though police were thankful that motorists pitched in by helping to stop traffic on I-84 so Lupe wouldn't be run over again, they kindly told the good samaritans that calling 9-1-1 would have been a safer way to go.

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