One of my favorite events at the Mohegan Sun Casino for years has been their annual Food and Wine Festival. I attended last year's event in January of 2020, and even through this pandemic year, I still held out hope that the 2021 event would be able to go forward.

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Unfortunately, we just received a press release from Cody Chapman of Mohegan Sun, officially postponing the event until 2022. The event was a big one, spread out over 3-4 days of a weekend. Mohegan typically brought in their own superstars associated with the Casino already - Todd English, Bobby Flay, Jasper White, among many other famous culinary faces.

Most of the featured speakers had appeared on the Food Network bevvy of cooking shows at some point of their career. The part that I'll miss the most is the sampling, and I'm sure that's why they couldn't safely pull it off this year.

The other great part was strolling through the vendors, there were so many different drinks to try, and wonderful dishes to sample. I really miss live music also, and they typically had someone playing too.

The phrase "don't know what you got, til it's gone" keeps echoing through my mind, so much has had to change since last March due to the pandemic. These large-scale events are one of the things that I miss most. The statement goes on to say that Mohegan Sun's Sun Wine and Food Fest will return at some point in 2022, no official date has been given yet.

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