Miranda Lambert does it again, another song that tugs at the heartstrings. "Tin Man" is the latest single from her amazing "The Weight of These Wings" album. Not only did this album debut at number one on the Billboard Country Chart but this particular song even made it onto Billboard's Hot 100 while it had yet to be released as a single.

She gave an emotional edited performance of the song at The Academy of Country Music Awards. Was she thinking of Blake Shelton as she wrote this song? Only Miranda Lambert knows for sure.

Hey there Mr. Tin Man
You don't know how lucky you are
You shouldn't spend your whole life wishin'
For something bound to fall apart
Every time you're feeling empty
Better thank you lucky stars
If you ever felt one breaking
You'd never want a heart

"Tin Man" debuts this week on KICKS 105.5 but if you can't wait to hear it, check out the lyrics video below.





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