The amazing Dutchess County home is surrounded by endless views of the Hudson Valley and amazing views inside. Looking at some of these amazing Hudson Valley homes has made me question some choices I've made in my life. There are so many spectacular homes in the area and it's crazy when they get into the multi-million dollar range. One home in Millbrook is STUNNING and there are so many cool features to it.

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What amazing home is for sale in Millbrook, NY?

It really is like a palace....the home has a pool, maze, loggia, guest quarters, tennis court, home gym, pizza oven and a wine cellar. That home would put a whole new spin on wine and pizza nights. The home is still pretty new, it was built in 2000 and it has 5 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms and is 6,054 square feet (that is plenty of room for all your friends and family).

What is the listing price for the home?

The stunning home is Millbrook is currently listed for $13,100, 000 and it might seem high...but there really is so much that comes with it. Anyone have a spare $13 million dollars to loan out?

Where is this beautiful home located in Millbrook, NY?

The home is located at W Mdw in Millbrook, NY12545. Millbrook is a very charming area and it's become known as a place where celebrities can pop up and purchase their own homes. Maybe one of them could come over for dinner?

How about we take a look at this incredible home, WARNING YOU WILL GET VERY JEALOUS:

$13 Million Millbrook Black Cap Home

The $13 million home in Millbrook, New York is equipped with 5 bedrooms, sweeping scenic views of the Hudson Valley, and fantastic outdoor amenities from a pool to a home garden.

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