A couple of my favorite places are coming together in the Fall of 2020, as the state's best shopping mall and a legendary local restaurant have announced a new partnership.

Maggie McFly's will open their ninth location in the gorgeous Westfarms Mall in West Hartford by Fall 2020.

Maggie McFly's opened their first restaurant in 1993 in Middlebury, Connecticut. Offering a very diverse, locally-sourced menu, Maggie's became, and to this day remains, a very popular destination.

Very quickly, the Maggie McFly's tidal wave of restaurants overtook the I-84 corridor, and beyond. Currently there are five Connecticut locations: Middlebury, Southbury, Brookfield, Manchester, and Glastonbury. There are also two locations in Virginia, and one in Albany, NY.

Credit - Maggie McFly's
Credit - Maggie McFly's

If you've never been to a Maggie McFly's, take a ride along the I-84 corridor, their locations are off of Exits 7, 14, 17, 55, and 62 (And soon - 39A for Westfarms). They serve up seasonal favorites from a massive menu, and I've always encountered excellent service and great food in all of the 27 years that I've been patronizing their restaurants.

Congratulations, Maggie's and Westfarms, this sounds like a perfect partnership, and with the huge customer base that Westfarms provides daily, this should be a very successful location.

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