As if being a teenager is not stressful enough, welcome to the age of the "Promposal".

While senior year can be a lot of fun, it's also filled with college applications, finals, goodbyes and, (insert scary music here) THE PROM! With so much to think about, now there is a new added twist where a young man must creatively ask his date to the ultimate evening of his high school years.

My buddy, Michael Rosenstein of Bedford, New York, is a senior at Byram Hills High School. I was asked if I could help him out -- count me in. We went through the checklist of everything he would need to make the night perfect. Transportation? Check. What to wear? Check. Hair? Check. Date? Ch... woah!

Wait! What? He forgot to ask Malorie!

This is where I stepped in and through the magic of radio, I present the very first KICKS 105.5 Promposal:

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