Charles Lamont Wolcott AKA "MC One Con" was hired as "bodyman" for Ned Lamont earlier in the week and his resignation surfaced yesterday (9/12/19). "One Con" is Ned Lamont's second cousin and a former amateur rapper.

According to Hearst Media's CT Insider the resignation is dated September 11, 2019 and in it, Wolcott writes:

“Effective immediately, I will be resigning from my position in the Office of the Governor, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be a member of the team and wish your Administration continued success.”

Ned Lamont spokesman Max Reiss had this to say about the resignation:

“Charles Wolcott submitted his letter of resignation last night to Governor Ned Lamont, which was accepted by the Governor, he expressed his concern of being the Governor’s trusted confidant and body person, a role in which he served the governor on the campaign trail, and having attention drawn to his previous work in the music industry. As this is a personnel matter, we will not be commenting further.”

The heat got too hot and they folded and made the guy resign, plain and simple. He should have never been hired to begin with because at best, it's bad optics. What is clear, is that Governor Ned Lamont and his staff did not anticipate the negative reaction that would come from hiring an unqualified, family member to a government position paying $52,000 per year. That should tell you everything you need to know about Ned Lamont and his staff.

I would have actually respected them if they endured the storm, stuck to their guns and said we believe he's the best person for the job. They went a different way and again look foolish. How bout Lamont's spokesperson saying "this is a personal matter?" No, it really isn't, it's a public matter that you should answer questions about and you brought it on yourselves.

Shout out to Hearst Media for patting themselves on the back in the headline of the resignation story. The headline is "Lamont's cousin's son resigns after Heart CT reveals $52,000 hiring." Hahaha, oh yeah guys? Was it an exhaustive investigation? Did you spend weeks figuring out that Ned Lamont hired a guy who also has the name Lamont? Did you work into the wee hours of the night? Also, no one else really talked about it, right? No other media outlets dedicated two days of their 50,000 watt, morning show to the hire, right? Cool story bro.

This was a clown show all the way around, thankfully it seems to be over. Only one burning question remains, will "MC One Con" return to his rightful place, behind the mic spittin' the illest rhymes? #scorchedearthpolicy

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