I feel so bad for this family in Nanuet, whose loved ones are in a mausoleum in thier home town. They think something is very wrong at St. Anthony's Catholic Cemetery, and it seems nothing is being done about it, as they complain to cemetery management.

Credit: Westchester News 12 Video
Credit: Westchester News 12 Video

Two brothers, Raymond and Sabastian Accolla said they believe that where their family rests, there is fluid seeping out; possibly contaminating the surrounding site, according to Westchester News 12.

The Accolla family travels to the tombs in the mausoleum weekly to help maintain them, but they’ve been seeing that substance flowing out, which they state is "an oozing material…[perhaps] decomposed body material.”

Monday the Westchester County Board of Health went to the cemetery to look at the site, and the health inspector reported that they are going to investigate.

The spokesperson for the Board of Health relayed that violations were noted at the cemetary. A letter regarding violations has been delivered, and mandates that issues be addressed right away.

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