This morning, we got the sad news that Martha Stewart’s youngest brother George Christiansen passed away. He was a Fairfield resident, and a contractor.

According to Page Six, it happened suddenly last week while he was at home on his ranch in Fairfield. At first, he started feeling unwell and then, as Page Six reports, he may have suffered a heart attack. He and his sister Martha are said to have been very close.

He owned Fairfield’s Pequot Remodeling Corporation, a company that performed a complete makeover at Martha Stewart's former home known as Turkey Hill, in Westport, CT. George also appeared on Martha’s digital show and contributed to her book Being Martha: The Inside Story of Martha Stewart and her Amazing Life.

He and his wife have resided in Fairfield for nearly two decades. According to an article in People Magazine, he was approximately 65-years-old. Our thoughts and prayers are with Martha and her family today, as we remember her brother, Fairfield's George Christiansen.

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