Mariano Rivera and many of his White Plains neighbors are opposed to continuing construction of a school in their small pocket of the city, Westchester News 12 reports.

The French-American School of New York (FASNY) wants to consolidate to a location in the tight knit neighborhood, which was formerly the Ridgeway Country Club. Complaints regarding this have flooded White Plains Mayor, Tom Roach's office, citing, among other things, that the roads and streets can't handle the amount of traffic the $60 million project would bring.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 11.03.17 AM
Credit: Westchester News 12 Video--Mariano Rivera's White Plains Home Under Construction

Yankees legend, Mariano Rivera, is in the process of building a $5 million home next to the construction project, according to the New York Postwhich calls FASNY a "ritzy prep school".

The city of White Plains still needs to approve the project, which critics say in so many words, may damage a sensitive environmental location. The New York Post says Mariano wrote to the mayor and said the project is:

unworkable and unsafe...I have seen how dangerous the street is even before there is any additional traffic from FASNY.

We hope a resolution is reached that will please all parties involved!

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