A man was killed when he was run over while allegedly trying to steal a catalytic converter from a parked car.

One of the most stolen items from cars over the last few years is something that most of us can't prevent thieves from stealing. Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise across the United States and the Hudson Valley is not immune to the problem.


Catalytic Converter Thefts in the Hudson Valley

We've shared numerous warnings and stories of people who have had their catalytic converters stolen from underneath their cars. Recently a Hopewell Junction man was arrested after he allegedly
stole the expensive part of a car's exhaust system from underneath cars that were parked in the parking lot at the Metro North train station in Beacon, NY. Police did apprehend the suspect after a caller reported the theft and police caught him right after he left the parking lot. The thief was lucky his night didn't end the way it did for one thief in California.

Man Run Over, While Allegedly Trying to Steal Catalytic Converter

According to News 10, an unidentified man was killed after the car he was trying to steal from ran him over. Police say at around 6 p.m. Tuesday, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies found a man lying on the ground near two vehicles. Police said that the driver of one of the vehicles told them she was sleeping in her car when she awoke to the sound of a man sawing off her vehicle’s catalytic converter.

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"Felt a Bump"

After hearing the sawing she immediately put her car in reverse and started to back up. That's when she told police she "felt a bump like she ran something over." She proceeded to stop her vehicle and called 911. After investigating police reported that the woman did run a man over. The man was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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