We're still about a month away from Halloween, and there's a lot of talk about how to keep it safe for everyone.

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Will our kids still be able to trick or treat on Halloween? How's it going to work during the pandemic? These are just a few of the questions people have about how to have a safe, yet fun Halloween.

Well, one guy has taken trick or treat safety to a whole new level.

His name is Andrew Beattie, and he's from Ohio, and he's one dad who couldn't bear to see his kids miss out on Halloween, so he created what he calls the 'candy chute'.

The candy chute is a six foot long chute made from materials he had lying around the house. Here's how the candy chute works. The chute itself is placed on the handrail of the front steps, and candy is put into one end of the chute and subsequently comes out the other end, and into the bag of the person trick or treating, all while both the candy giver, and the candy receiver maintaining their social distance.

Beattie has the whole system figured out to allow a touch free exchange between the givers and the candy receivers. He recently told buzzfeednews.com that he will be wearing a mask, and changing his gloves frequently when handing out the candy.

Beattie also said, when the news of his socially distanced invention broke on Saturday, it went viral pretty fast.

Saturday morning came along and my parents live back in West Virginia and I wanted to show them, so I put it on Facebook and didn’t think much of it. Then I had a friend who said, 'You know, your post has been shared a couple of hundred times, and now it actually has more than 75,000 shares from people in love with the idea.

Here's a video explaining the whole concept of the 'Candy Chute', and a discussion with it's inventor Andrew Bettie.

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