This is not something you want to encounter during your afternoon commute, especially on such a busy road as I-95. However, an absolutely insane series of events unfolded on the interstate Tuesday afternoon, when police say a man who was high on drugs carjacked a tractor-trailer. It doesn't end there. Police say the suspect ended up hitting ten different vehicles as he attempted to pull away. His trail of carnage only stopped once he a guardrail off the right shoulder.

Officials initially received reports of a man running across lanes of traffic near New Haven Tuesday afternoon. Police say the 50-year-old suspect was able to steal the truck after he hit the driver multiple times with a thermos. Once law enforcement was eventually able to catch up with him, the suspect then allegedly lunged at the trooper. FOX says that the trooper tased the suspect, which caused him to fall out of the truck. But he still wasn't done.

Once down, the suspect still tried to fight with both that trooper, and another one who had arrived on scene for backup. FOX says he even attempted to wrestle a gun out of one of the trooper's holster, though luckily that didn't work. Officers say the suspect was clearly under the influence of some sort of substance. Now, he is facing a whole host of serious charges, and is being held on $100,000 bond.

In other theft related news, police are saying that a suspect robbed a 10-year-old girl who was walking to school last week in Queens. ABC is reporting that the suspect threatened the young girl and then took her cellphone. According to reports, this scoundrel had quite a distinct looking getaway vehicle. The NY Post says the alleged thief rode up on a bike and "forcibly" grabbed the girl's cellphone as she was walking on 34th Avenue near 102nd Street. Luckily, the girl only suffered very minor injuries, as she was treated by a school nurse for pain in her hand. So, about this bicycle? Police says the suspect was last seen riding off on a small pink bike covered with white butterflies normally meant for a child.

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