Connecticut Lottery is a large focus on people's minds right now as the Powerball jackpot gears to $1 BILLION. What we could all do with $1 billion.. wow.

As all of that lottery talk goes on, it had me wondering what lucky Connecticut residents were able to bring home some extra cash last month. Which winners were able to make huge differences in their lives over just getting lucky?

Just a bit over a week ago, one lucky Connecticut resident's life changed drastically when they won $825,000 from a Hot Millions game purchased from Fas Mart in West Haven.

There were also 3 $100,000 winners in a row on March 26. Two of them were from Cash5 games - one sold at Checkers Food Store in Meriden and the other sold at Track News & Variety in Stamford. The third $100,000 winner that day was a South Carolina resident who bought a ticket at Krauszer's in New Haven.

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Get our free mobile app also shows that there was a $500,000 winner on March 19 from a $4,000,000 Fortune game that was sold at Wheels in Shelton.

It looks like in the month of March, there were 15 people that won $100,000 or more from lottery winnings. To think these were all just winners from one month. I'm looking forward to see what April has to bring, especially with a $1 Billion Powerball jackpot.

If the lottery isn't your thing, I totally get it. We have a way for you to bring home an extra $30,000 just by listening to our station. Every hour, you will get a code to enter into our site which will get you in the running for that grand prize of $30,000. All of the information can be found right here.

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