Have you seen Mr. Magoo? He has been missing since Tuesday July 18, 2017. He is a solid red large longhaired Persian cat. If you have seen him or if you have any information, please contact Casey at 203-952-8100.

Cats usually do not stray far from home. While it is a good idea to always keep your cat inside, they can sneak out of the house. If your kitty ever slips out, make sure you check the area around your house. Check under decks, inside garages, anywhere that would make a good shelter for an animal that does not usually go outdoors. Remember that they will most likely be scared, so if you see your cat, running towards him is not a good idea. Gently coax him with food. Don't give up. Cats that have been missing for months have been found to be in the same area that they were lost, even if it is unfamiliar territory.

Mr. Morning and Suzy Give You The Run-Down of the New KICKS App:

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