When you hear about police chases, you often picture high-speed pursuits throughout the highways and main roads. Maybe you've seen police physically take down a suspect during a foot pursuit?

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However, police in one part of New York state pursued an escapee Monday morning, according to witnesses. Let's just say that this escape artist wasn't going anywhere too fast, though they still didn't make it too easy for deputies.

Pig on the Loose in New York State Goes For Stroll in the Wild 

The Rensselaer County Sheriff’s Office said on their Facebook page that they received reports Monday morning of an escaped pig on the loose. WNYT says that the pig was caught 'roaming free" out in the open, though he still managed to not make it too easy for police to finally nab him.

County officials say that deputies stayed with the pig named Gilbert until the owner was located and could bring him back home safely. Luckily, Gilbert was reunited with his owner and wasn't hurt during the whole ordeal.

Pigs as Pets in New York State 

NYC.gov says that while pigs are illegal to keep as pets in New York City but restrictions are looser in the rest of the state. SI Live says that an exception is made for, "...persons who keep livestock in accordance with applicable law."

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According to the NY Health Department,  rabies is a major concern "in cities and urban areas because pigs can be taken outside and exposed to other rabies-infected animals, such as feral cats and bats."

The Mini Pig Association website says that there is "no licensed vaccine for rabies in the pig", though most veterinarians use the dog or horse vaccine for pigs.

Firefighters in the Hudson Valley Rescue Parakeet Stuck in Tree

Firefighters received a rather unusual call in late July when they responded to reports of someone's pet stranded in a tree. But this wasn't another case of a cat who climbed to the top of a tree and got stuck. In this particular case, it was a parakeet.

According to Animals.Mom, pet parakeets who escape usually tire easily but can travel up to a mile if they catch a wind current to ride on or if they're frightened. In the story below, however, the parakeet had its wings clipped, making it almost impossible for it to fly down from the top of the tree.

The Kingston Fire Department shared on their Facebook page that they were contacted in reference to a domestic bird that was in a tree and in need of rescue.

The parakeet, appropriately named Birdie, had escaped from a 6th-story window, and due to having clipped wings he was not able to fly.

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