Governor Andrew M. Cuomo addressed New Yorkers in his State of the State address a few days ago and spoke about how the New York State Thruway will see some major changes maybe even by 2020.

The Governor floated the idea of getting rid of all toll booths on the New York State Thruway. With this implemented there would be no stopping for tolls on the entire 496 mile length of the roadway from New York to Buffalo, reports New York Upstate.

Changing over entirely to "cashless tolling" would ensure faster travel times. It was not reported how much the switch would cost, but there was talk of license plate readers.

My husband travels from New York to Boston a lot, and LOVES the cashless tolling currently in use in Massachusetts. The system proposed by Governor Cuomo would be very similar to that of Massachusetts. He says this system saves him lots of time, and reduces traffic tie-ups.

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