Being an on-air radio personality requires some level of warped mentality. For example, when the blizzard warnings began yesterday, while the rest of the office was getting their fuzzy unicorn onesie pajamas ready for a day of being snowed in, your on-air peeps were rolling up their sleeves thinking how cool it is that we get to come in today.

Like I said, "warped mentality".

What could we be doing instead of driving into the station to tell everyone to stay home? I think that the local feline and canine residents have the right idea.

Snowtime Snuggles, Bear and Buster Seeman of Danbury, CT
Snowtime Snuggles, Bear and Buster Seeman of Danbury, CT

I could be home watching the feline version of reality television like Caesar Molles of Danbury, CT (pictured above calculating his latest meteorological formulas), snuggled up like Bear and Buster Seeman also of Danbury, CT or totally not caring about the snow like my Prada aka Princess Pretty Paws, Queen of the Universe.

Prada G aka Princess Pretty Paws
Prada G aka Princess Pretty Paws HRH Queen of the Universe

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