To protect and serve is also a motto for dogs called into police service. Great news surfaces in protecting them in return.

When man's best friend is called into action, it's incredibly helpful to be able to track them. Two local businesses just stepped up to make that easier for the New Milford Police Department.

In a feel good story from the New Milford Police Department and their police dogs have something to be very happy about thanks to the generosity of two local businesses.

The department has received a donation of two GPS collars for their police dogs. These particular types of high technology collars can cost upwards of a thousand dollars each and were purchased by Bozzuto’s and All American Waste. The story says that the importance of this tracking is that the collar connects to a handheld unit which in turn will alert the officer if the dog finds something or needs to be rescued.

When you consider how much area New Milford encompasses, you can certainly imagine how much quicker, and more accurate it will be for the PD to not only track the dogs, but also what a boost it will be in looking for a missing person.

Kudos to Bozzuto's and All American Waste for their thoughtfulness.

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