I love wandering around Stew Leonard's. It's such a unique set up, designed to take you on a culinary journey every time you make a trip around the store. Typically, there are quite a few sampling stations set up across the store. But every once in awhile, like a holiday or special occasion, Stew's goes all out.

Coming up this Sunday November 11 starting at 11AM, Stew Leonard's in Danbury on Federal Road is having their annual Taste of Thanksgiving event. Numerous tasting stations will be set up around the store and the Stew's chefs will be giving out free samples of a bunch of Thanksgiving favorites.

Some of the items that they tease are fresh Roasted Turkey, gravy, creamed spinach, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato mousse, mashed potatoes and green beans. basically, everything you could want at your table, Stew's will be serving up a free sample of it.

You gotta love their generosity, other grocery stores may set up one or two free sample kiosks during a busy weekend, but not Stew Leonard's, they go all out to make the customer experience satisfying, and that's why they are one of the best. Thank you, Stews.

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