I remember going to Mohegan Sun years ago and meeting Martina McBride. A little-known band was opening for her. I heard they sort of sound like Fleetwood Mac. Cool! I'm in. That little-known band was Little Big Town.

I was amazed sitting there listening to them. Let's face it, how many opening acts do you sit through and you keep looking at your watch wondering how much longer until the star of the show appears? How many opening acts do you never hear about again? Little Big Town is one of those bands that had star power from the beginning. From that moment in my seat years ago at Mohegan Sun as they opened for Martina McBride I heard about them more and more. Now, here I am playing them on the radio every day.

Little Big Town's latest single debuts this week on KICKS 105.5. It's called "Happy People." Can't wait to hear it, no worries, here it is:

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