After ten years in business, Litchfield County Pickers is calling it quits.

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Mert Larmore, owner of Litchfield County Pickers with his wife, Dawn, didn't mince any words for the reason they're closing up their business;

"Unfortunately, the COVID really ruined us,"

Inside their huge thrift and consignment store at 493 Danbury Road in New Milford sits 40 to 50 houses worth of merchandise. They had everything from high-end artwork to pots and pans, jewelry to furniture, and everything in-between. Larmore told Hearst Connecticut Media they were doing so well when he said,

We would get 1,000 people a week through here. Whether it was a dealer, a collector or a grandmother trying to raise her kids needing a microwave.

Litchfield County Pickers FB Page...
Litchfield County Pickers FB Page...

I've had the opportunity to shop at Litchfield County Pickers, and it's a veritable gold mine of used items from furniture to TVs. They even had cars for sale. Every item that was for sale was immaculately cleaned up before it went out on the floor. High school graduates would even shop for their dorm items at LCP because of all the cool stuff they carried.

It's so sad that a funky store that's so popular like Litchfield County Pickers has to shut its doors because of the pandemic. Because Mert and Dawn Larmore are such class acts, they wanted to thank everybody for their support over the last decade. Litchfield County Pickers will close permanently next month, and all merchandise in the store is 50 to 75 percent off.

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