Lenny Dykstra says his Linden, NJ home is "the best on the block." His neighbors are on record saying they disagree. His neighbors claim that his home is the cause of a lot of headaches in the once-quiet Cul-de-sac. They claim his home is the source of late night noise and physical fights. They also say he has illegal boarders and leaves trash in his yard.

According to the NY Post, Here's what Lenny had to say on the matter:

I took an ugly bitch and made her into a beautiful rock star.

No, I am not kidding, that's what he told the NY Post on Thursday (Feb. 7). A neighbor named in the article, Linda Graham, says there have been two overdoses since Dykstra has been there. Here's what Lenny had to say about that:

It was a construction worker.

Line of work, NOTED. The same neighbor raised concerns over the illegal boarders. Graham said,

There’s been people who are here today, gone tomorrow. We don’t know who these people are and we are afraid.

Lenny countered that by saying he kicked out most of the tenants and:

They asked me to do something so I did it, I have a friend who stays here… We are in America. It’s my house.

Boom -- AAAAAAAA-Merica. Land of the Free, Home of the "Nails."

Here's a supplemental report on the alleged hell the neighbors say they have endured:

If I am being honest, if he was my neighbor, I'd lose my mind. I really would hit him with a shovel and have to do a "perp walk." But he's not my neighbor and every time Lenny does something, I get so excited. It's always bad, always somehow funny and gives me the opportunity to share the oddest interview I've ever done:

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