Lee Brice has sustained an injury on tour, but it wasn't from a stage dive or a guitar-smashing incident — it was more like a Pomeranian.

The artist posted a photo on social media showing his wounded, bloody hand, with one finger bandaged, with a caption that explained it all. Brett Young, who’d been filling in for opener William Michael Morgan, apparently had his (small) dog with him and tried to warn Brice … he bites. But Brice wouldn't be out-dogged.

"I just couldn’t help myself. No tiny dog is gonna out tough me," he wrote. He was wrong.

Young posted a follow-up photo snuggling his pup, who looks innocent enough — fluffy and certainly not ferocious.

"This dog? Really?" he teased. Perhaps Brice brought it on himself — he was warned, after all.

Fortunately, the injury wasn’t too serious. He was able to perform as usual, which his family appreciated, as his wife surprised him for their fourth anniversary by showing up with their sons. The boys ran out on stage while Brice was singing his latest single, "Boy."

Brice says "Boy" was one of those songs that blew him away as soon as he heard it, similar to his powerful hit "I Drive Your Truck."

"It just stopped me … floored me," Brice says. "That’s what this song did."

The singer is continuing the American Made Tour with Justin Moore through April. He and his wife, Sara, are expecting their first daughter this summer.

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