It’s been talked about before and thankfully not implemented. Now we're hearing its being spoken about again, according to WTNH News. Electronic toll roads in Connecticut will be a topic of discussion among Connecticut State lawmakers Monday January 29, 2018, in Hartford in hopes that potential roadway tolls collected could bring in funds that the state desperately needs.

A lot of people are opposed to it, and again, it's just a discussion at this point. According to WTNH News, many motorists feel that lawmakers should seek out other means of addressing the state’s budget woes.

Another issue at hand in my opinion is that once you introduce toll roads, drivers have higher expectations regarding upkeep, maintenance and plowing as well as improved rest areas. Most of all, Connecticut residents enjoy the ride as is right now. Here’s to hoping that these talks are just that — talks — about tolling roadways in Connecticut. We’ll keep you posted.

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