Now in New York State there are even more reasons to pay attention to stopped school buses. You could possibly be on video with one of the brand new cameras that school buses may be equipped with to capture traffic movement surrounding the perimeter of the school bus.

Most people do patiently wait for stopped school busses, but according to WHEC TVthousands of motorists illegally pass them on a daily basis. The cameras approved would be stationed outside of the bus, perhaps on the stop sign arm, and would begin taping as soon as the bus stop sign is extended.

The cameras can capture surrounding vehicles license plates. The fine for passing a stopped school bus is $250, and following the infraction, a notice of the violation and imposed fine would be send to the owner of the car. It’s being called the School Bus Camera Safety Act, or Senate Bill 518-B.

Many school districts in Connecticut already have the cameras in place, including New Milford.

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