Lauren Alaina continues to show off her fitness progress since overcoming her battle with bulimia and dedicating herself to a life of zero bad habits.

Alaina shared an update on her fitness goals via an Instagram post on Wednesday (Feb. 8) with two photos, one present day and another taken six months earlier. Showing off her toned figure, the country singer reveals she's lost more than 30 pounds over the past year.

"Six months of progress. I have lost 31 pounds in a year, 21 in the last six months, and have had ZERO bad habits," Alaina writes. "That is a HUGE deal for me. Can't wait to share more photos." The young star reveled in a recent interview that she works out six days a week with a trainer; practices boxing; and eats a strict diet of protein, vegetables and low carbs.

The "Road Less Traveled" singer has been open about her struggles with body image, talking freely about her battle with an eating disorder during her days on American Idol, while also dealing with her father's alcoholism and her parents' divorce. All of these experiences are chronicled on her new album, Road Less Traveled

“I would literally say the things out loud and then just write a melody to them for some of the songs because…I didn’t want to water it down. I feel like I just had therapy for the last three years and everyone’s reading my diary now," Alaina tells Taste of Country about her latest project.

The album's title track and lead single is currently making an impact on country radio and climbing up the charts, cracking the Top 15 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart.

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