Lauren Alaina continues to prove she has one of the biggest hearts in country music. The singer recently made one young fan's day when she spent some time with him backstage at a concert. AJ is blind, but his mother didn't need to tell Alaina that — "she already knew," his mom, Heather, says.

"She is amazing," Heather Hillebrand adds. "I didn't even have to tell her he was blind — she already knew and signed his heart."

Photos uploaded to Facebook of the moment the two met are priceless. It happened on Sunday (Aug. 27) in South Bend, Ind., for local radio station B100's annual birthday bash. Alaina met AJ backstage, and she gave him her undivided attention.

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Several photos show AJ touching Alaina's face while she kneels down and patiently allows him to put his hands on her cheeks, her nose and her mouth before she embraces him in a big hug.

"This was very indescribable how amazing she actually was to take that much time. She had a line of people around the corner waiting," his mother writes on another photo.

It seems the meet-and-greet had as big of an impact on Alaina as it did on AJ and his family. The following day, Alaina received a message on Twitter from one of the station's deejays who wrote, ".@Lauren_Alaina is an amazing person. These pics of her & a young fan will melt your heart." In response, Alaina admits it was in fact AJ who made her day.

"That little boy made my whole day," she says. "He's a little angel. I love him."

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