May I present  to you June's Strawberry Moon! I was super psyched to be at Hunter Mountain for not only the Taste of Country Music Festival 2017 but also for the Full Strawberry Moon! According to not only is this a spectacular sight but the planet "Saturn" will co-star appearing very bright:

its amazing rings are tilted almost at their maximum toward Earth; an inclination of 26.5 degrees. The rings, composed of highly reflective particles of ice, serve to bolster Saturn's apparent brightness. In March 2009, when the rings appeared nearly edgewise from our perspective, Saturn appeared half a magnitude dimmer than it does now.

As I saw the moon rising, I tried to get some pictures. I walked all around the Mountain View Lodge in Hunter, NY, where we are staying, but this Strawberry Moon wouldn’t cooperate. I drove to Hunter Mountain to the Taste of Country Music Festival but still that ol’ moon would not let me get a good shot. Thankfully, I have friends in not only low places but places where they can get an awesome picture. Special strawberry full moon thanks to my pal photographer extraordinaire Pam Landry.

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