A couple of my favorite local places to get my grocery shopping and ice cream fix at have announced a couple of new products revolving around one of their recent successful collaborations.

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Earlier this year I reported that LaBonne's Markets teamed up with Prospect's Big Dipper Ice Cream to sell exclusive flavors in their supermarkets. One of the tasty concoctions was dubbed LaBada Bing!, it's vanilla ice cream, with dark chocolate chunks, and cherries. It's been pretty popular. According to LaBonne's, they've sold over 2,000 quarts. I've had it, and it's really, really good. So good, that the flavor is now being rolled out in a couple of new products.

I saw the first announcement over the weekend, LaBonne's will form the Holy Trifecta with Big Dipper, and now Transcend Beer out of Southington to release a LaBada Bing! beer.

LaBada Bing! is being described as a thick stout beer, brewed with the flavors of chocolate, cherries, vanilla and lactose, and it registers at around a 7% volume of alcohol. It's going to be a limited release that will hit LaBonne's shelves sometime In January.

As they say themselves in the post, how often can you see a friendly collaboration between three diverse local businesses such as these? Great job. While I was writing this up, I just noticed that they've made ANOTHER product out of LaBada Bing! Check this out -

Ice cream pie? Oh, I'll try it, twist my arm. This sounds like another product that will make our holidays just a bit sweeter. Nice job LaBonne's and Big Dipper.

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