If your good at Movie Trivia, this may be the week for you because Mr. Morning & Suzy will have Sara Evans tickets for her show on August 3rd at The Ridgefield Playhouse.

Just be listening at 7:40 am all this week. Mr. Morning & Suzy will be playing the "No Name Movie Game". They'll give you clues to different movies, but they can't use the title of the movie or any actors featured in the movie. See it might not be that easy....Plus you'll also be playing against another contestant. If you identify the most movies in twenty seconds you'll win your Sara Evans Tickets.

You can catch Sara Evans at the Ridgefield Playhouse on August 3rd.

So brush up on your movies, and get set to play and win with the "No Name Movie Game", it's happening all this week in the morning but only on Kicks 105.5.