How would you like to check out Kip Moore at the Ridgefield Playhouse? Well your in luck, and you can win tickets all this week with 'Mr. Morning'.

Just be listening all this week at 7:40 am for your chance to play the 'No Name Movie Game' and win tickets before you can buy them to see Kip Moore and his 'Room to Spare' acoustic tour at the Ridgefield Playhouse on May 9th.

Tickets don't go on sale until Friday, but you can win them before you can buy them all this week in the morning.

The 'No Name Movie Game' returns with two contestants going head to head to see who can name the most movies in :20 seconds. Mr. Morning will give you the clues, but he won't be able to say any actors or characters names, or any words in the title of the movie. If you get the most movies correct, you'll win your tickets to a very special acoustic night with Kip Moore at the Ridgefield Playhouse.

Here's a little taste of Kip Moore: