Kip Moore opened a tab for $5,000 at an East Nashville restaurant, but this hefty bill didn't stem from a rockstar night out.

Instead, Moore pulled a different kind of rockstar move and opened a running tab for East Nashville residents who are still reeling from the early March tornadoes that devastated sections of Music City.

"For those in Nashville that are 'truly' struggling w(ith) finance during this time, I teamed up w(ith) The Wild Cow to allow those in NEED a free meal," Moore tweeted on Sunday (March 22).

"It’s a running tab till it’s gone. Just tell um it’s on Kip’s tab. Cheers," he adds.

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The month of March has not been kind to Nashville residents, as the coronavirus pandemic hit Davidson County (where Nashville is located) just days after a series of devastating tornadoes reaching up to EF-3 status ripped through the city. Reconstruction was then halted due to business closures from coronavirus concerns as dozens of houses and complexes in select East Nashville neighborhoods, such as Five Points (where the Wild Cow is located), remain in patched shambles.

According to the Boot, the Wild Cow staff was out of work due to the tornado-related closure and is now absorbing a revised schedule due to coronavirus. In response, Moore donated an additional $2,000 to the Wild Cow staff to assist with these difficult times.

Per the Kaiser Family Foundation (, the coronavirus pandemic has stemmed more than 418,000 cases of the disease relating in over 18,000 deaths globally, as of March 25. KFF states that China has had the most confirmed cases (81, 806), followed by Italy (69,176) and the United States (52,652).

See the Damage From the 2020 Nashville Tornado:

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