According to Delish, Kentucky Fried Chicken will have chicken and waffles as a limited time offer starting today, and the deal runs to December 31st. You can get the chicken with a side of waffles or go with the sandwich — chicken on the inside and sweet delicious waffles as the bun.

I go to KFC like once every ten years, so I don't know much about it. I was surprised to learn that this is a new thing for the chicken giant. I mean, chicken and waffles is a match made in heaven. You would think that if you were in a business that centers around the selling of chickens, this would be on your menu already.

Waffles are the most obvious and complimentary pairing for chicken. This is a company that has redefined the presentation of chicken snacks so many ways, so many times, that I feel like they are missing out by not making this an every day item.

That said, what the hell do I know about the chicken business? I can't presume to understand the chicken game. I don't know the chicken-buying trends. Maybe the limited time offer thing makes it that much more desirable. Maybe it's like what McDonald's does with the McRib. They hold those over our heads and when they do become available people go wild for them.

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