No doubt, fighting breast cancer is scary. Add to that not knowing your family’s medical history at all, and the struggle becomes even more terrifying.

Meet Larissa Podermanski from Kensington, Connecticut, who knows all too well what that struggle is about. She’s been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at just 30-years-old.

She knew nothing of her family’s medical background when diagnosed. About ten years prior, Larissa tried to locate her birth parents. She didn't have any luck, but she did find out that her mom passed away at a relatively young age.

Recently, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Larissa reached out on social media, and found an uncle who was able to tell her that her mom passed away from a heart attack. Being adopted was a hurdle as far as treatment, having no family medical history on record. This is one of the reasons she is fighting to change rules regarding adoption records.

Larissa started a blog about her journey, about being a newlywed, a biracial adoptee, being an outreach and advocacy director at a regional non profit organization and most importantly, about battling stage 4 breast cancer called, Metastatically Speaking.

Her blog and her videos give inspiration to anyone who’s battled cancer as well as anyone who has had a family member up against it. Log on and lend your support.

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