The Island of St. John in the United States Virgin Islands is very dear to my heart. My husband and I were married on Trunk Bay Beach on April 24, 2014. We fell in love with not only the beauty of this island but the people as well. It has become our favorite place on this planet.

Kenny Chesney fell in love with this island long before we did and has owned a home on the island for years. Hurricane Irma had no mercy for the country superstar's home. His words, "it is gone". I listened to a 20 minute this afternoon on in which he seemed to be struggling between disbelief and extreme concern for who he calls his "Island Family". By the time night fell after Irma's wrath, he had already set up relief efforts. He not only sent his plane filled with water, supplies and dog food to the island, he has also set up a fund and is in the process of organizing a major fund raiser.

The most wonderful thing for me was to hear him tell the interviewer that he will definitely rebuild, but not before the others on the island. Click here to hear the interview.

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