Kelleigh Bannen's 'Smoke When I Drink' video is smoldering in all the right places -- it's practically on fire!

'Smoke When I Drink' is all about vices, whether it's that rare cigarette now and again or that bad boy you know you should be walking away from ... but just can't. And in an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video, Bannen says that the "edgy and fun" song is all about having fun and connecting with fans.

"You know, a lot of habits are bad for us, and we say yes to them when we should say no," she reveals with a laugh. "But we do them anyway!"

Shot completely in black and white, 'Smoke When I Drink' finds its power not in color, but in layered and cut-out images. Add to that Bannen's keyed-up performance and the edgy hard-rocking sound behind her powerhouse voice, and you've got a video that could catch fire at any moment.

'Smoke When I Drink' is Bannen's second single of 2014, and although she's still a newcomer to country radio, she seems poised to set a spark. Her voice is unique among other female artists and she's beginning to carve out a name for herself as a fiery and energetic performer. From 'Famous' -- which talks about making a name for her ex by telling everyone about his cheating ways -- and now to 'Smoke When I Drink,' here's hoping Bannen keeps serving up strong country-rock power anthems.

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