He's best known for his role of New Jersey mafioso Ralph Cifaretto on The Sopranos, but unfortunately, the "hit" was on him this past Friday night (May 1).

While on a walk around his neighborhood in Wilton, the longtime Hollywood actor was reportedly struck by a car when two cars t-boned, causing one of the cars hit Pantoliano.

According to US magazine, the star was out for a stroll with his family when he was struck by a Porsche that skidded across the road and pushed him into a wooden fence.

The accident left him with a gash on his head, and injuries to one of his legs and shoulders. He was taken from the scene to the hospital, but has since returned home where he is recovering.

Pantoliano's agent Barry McPherson, told US magazine that the actor did receive stitches, and is currently being monitored for a possible concussion and head trauma from his home.

Just before the accident happened, he posted this Instagram video of a rainbow in Wilton while walking with his family:

After he returned home from the hospital, the actor did post a thumbs up in an Instagram post that also showed the stitches he received from the accident. Ironically enough, the location of the head injury seems to be in the very spot in which his character was whacked in the head with that frying pan by Tony Soprano during that infamous murder scene.

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